Title: Culinary Innovation: Revamped 2-Ingredient Dough for Irresistible Buns, Bagels, and More

Introduction: Embark on a culinary adventure as we explore the creative modifications made to the classic 2-Ingredient Dough recipe. By introducing an egg and yeast and utilizing a bread maker, a delightful array of buns, bagels, flats, and dinner rolls emerges, each offering a satisfying balance of flavor and low-point goodness. Join us on this journey of culinary innovation, where homemade delights become a staple of your wellness-focused menu.

Recipe Modification: The classic 2-Ingredient Dough takes a delightful twist with the addition of an egg and yeast. This modification not only enhances the texture and flavor but also opens the door to an array of versatile creations. Utilizing bread flour further elevates the experience, although all-purpose flour remains a slightly lower-point alternative.

Points and Portion Control: Each 2-ounce raw dough bun, meticulously crafted with bread flour, weighs in at 3 points. A subtle variation is noted when using all-purpose flour, offering a tiny reduction in points. The introduction of portion-controlled buns aligns seamlessly with a mindful approach to points and a commitment to enjoying satisfying yet guilt-free indulgences.

Utilizing the Bread Maker: Harnessing the convenience of a bread maker streamlines the dough preparation process. The marriage of ingredients under the watchful eye of this culinary assistant ensures a consistent and well-mixed dough, laying the foundation for the delectable buns, bagels, and flats that follow.

Culinary Exploration: The journey doesn’t stop at buns; it expands to bagels, flats, and one-point dinner rolls. The immersion into the traditional art of boiling bagels offers an authentic touch, while the flats, akin to thin pita bread, provide a versatile canvas for creative culinary expressions. These creations effortlessly complement a variety of fillings, from meats to veggies, enhanced by a drizzle of sauce.

Freezing for Convenience: Efficiency meets deliciousness as a larger batch of these culinary delights graces the kitchen. Freezing becomes a strategic ally, allowing the preservation of these homemade treasures. Bagels, flats, and one-point dinner rolls emerge as convenient options, ready to be thawed and enjoyed at a moment’s notice.

Conclusion: In the realm of culinary innovation, these modified 2-Ingredient Dough creations redefine the possibilities of low-point indulgences. From the satisfying buns to the authentic boiled bagels and versatile flats, each offering tells a tale of creativity, flavor, and wellness. The freezer becomes a secret weapon, ensuring that these homemade wonders are always at your fingertips. Dive into the world of culinary excellence, where points and pleasure coexist seamlessly, making every bite a celebration of health-conscious indulgence. Explore the endless possibilities and savor the joy of crafting your own delicious narrative in the kitchen.

I modified the 2 ingredient dough recipe. Added an egg and yeast. Mixed it up in my bread maker.

Each of these buns was 2 oz of raw dough and is 3 points. I used bread flour. AP flour has a tiny bit less points.

I also made some flat bread from the same recipe.

Very yummy!


made a larger batch and froze it all.

I made bagels the old fashioned way (boiled them!) More flats and some small dinner one point dinner rolls.

The bagels and flats are definitely my favorite. The flats are essentially a thin pita bread. I use them for a shell and fill it up with meat, veggies, and a drizzle of sauce on top. Easy to make, stores well in the freezer, and if I didn’t make them myself I never would have guessed they were low points.

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