This Layered Meat and Bean Enchilada Bake is an easy-to-make, tasty meal with hearty, satisfying servings!


    • 20-24 oz red enchilada saucedivided (amount depending on the size of your cans/packets – see post above)
    • 9 (six-inch) corn tortillasdivided (I use Mission Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas)
    • 16 oz can fat free refried beans
    • 1 tablespoon canola oil
    • 1 lb uncooked 99% lean ground turkey breast
    • ½ lb uncooked 95% lean ground beef
    • 1 medium oniondiced
    • 1 medium zucchinishredded
    • 2 garlic clovesminced
    • 1 teaspoon Better Than Bouillon Beef Baseoptional
    • 1 oz reduced sodium taco seasoning
    •  cup queso blanco dip
    • 5 oz shredded 2% milk sharp cheddar cheesedivided


    • Pre-heat the oven to 350. Lightly mist a 9×13 baking dish with cooking spray. Drizzle about 1/3 cup of the enchilada sauce across the bottom of the dish and spread around with the back of a spoon to lightly coat the bottom of the dish. Arrange 4 ½ of the tortillas across the bottom of the dish to cover the majority of the space (my arrangement is pictured above). Use a spatula to spread the refried beans evenly across the tortillas, forming an even layer across the whole dish. Set aside.
    • Drizzle the oil into a large sauté pan or skillet and bring over med-high heat. Add the ground turkey and ground beef and break into small chunks using a cooking spoon or spatula. Once the chunks start to brown a bit, add the chopped onion and shredded zucchini and stir together. Cook for around 10 minutes total, draining as needed as the zucchini will release water, until the meat is cooked and the onions are softened. Add the minced garlic and the Better Than Bouillon Beef Base and stir into the meat mixture. Allow to cook for another minute. Add the taco seasoning, queso dip, and 10-12 ounces of enchilada sauce (likely one can/packet) and stir together. Cook for another minute or so until well combined.
  • Spoon about half of the sauced meat over top of the refried bean layer in the baking dish. Sprinkle two ounces of the shredded cheddar cheese across the top. Arrange the remaining 4 ½ tortillas in a similar style to step 1 (I did the same but flipped the layout so any small missing spots from layer 1 would be covered and vice versa). Spoon the remaining saucy meat mixture evenly across the newly laid tortillas. Pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the top. Sprinkle the remaining three ounces of shredded cheese across the surface.
  • Transfer the baking dish to the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to set/cool for 10-15 minutes before cutting into six servings.


W-W Points per (1/6th of the dish, about 1 ¼ cup) piece: 8 (SP calculated using the recipe builder on

Nutrition Information per (1/6th of the dish, about 1 ¼ cup) piece:415 calories, 38 g carbs, 3 g sugars, 15 g fat, 4 g saturated fat, 37 g protein, 6 g fiber, 1935 mg sodium (from

Weight War’s Points Plus:11 per (1/6th of the dish, about 1 ¼ cup) piece (PP calculated using a Weight War’s PointsPlus calculator and the nutrition info below)

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