Everyday Indulgence: The 5-Minute Cake You’ll Crave

Welcome to a world where baking is a breeze and indulgence is just a whisk away! Say hello to our irresistible 5-Minute Cake, a recipe so quick and easy, you’ll find yourself making it every single day. With a handful of pantry staples and just five minutes of your time, you can treat yourself to a moist, fluffy cake that’s perfect for any occasion. Let’s dive into the details and discover how this delectable delight can become your new go-to dessert.


  • 3 Eggs
  • 150g (3/4 cup) Sugar
  • 100ml (1/3 cup and 1 tablespoon) Vegetable Oil
  • 150g (2/3 cup) Plain Yogurt


  1. Preparation: Begin by preheating your oven to 180°C (350°F). Grease a round cake pan with a touch of vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray, ensuring even coverage.
  2. Egg Mixture: Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl. Using a whisk or electric mixer, beat the eggs until they are frothy and slightly thickened.
  3. Sugar Addition: Gradually add the sugar to the beaten eggs, whisking continuously until the mixture becomes pale and fluffy. This process incorporates air into the batter, resulting in a lighter texture for your cake.
  4. Oil Integration: Slowly pour the vegetable oil into the egg and sugar mixture while whisking gently. Ensure that the oil is thoroughly incorporated to guarantee a moist and tender cake.
  5. Yogurt Incorporation: Add the plain yogurt to the batter, gently folding it in until evenly distributed. The yogurt adds moisture and richness to the cake, enhancing its flavor and texture.
  6. Batter Preparation: Once all the ingredients are combined, pour the batter into the prepared cake pan, using a spatula to spread it out evenly. This ensures that the cake bakes uniformly, resulting in a golden brown crust and a soft interior.
  7. Baking Time: Place the cake pan in the preheated oven and bake for approximately 25-30 minutes, or until the cake is risen, golden, and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Keep an eye on the cake towards the end of the baking time to prevent overcooking.
  8. Cooling and Serving: Once baked, remove the cake from the oven and allow it to cool in the pan for a few minutes. Transfer the cake to a wire rack to cool completely before slicing. Serve the cake as is or with your favorite toppings for a delightful treat.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

  • Calories: 250 kcal
  • Total Fat: 14g
  • Saturated Fat: 3g
  • Cholesterol: 90mg
  • Sodium: 60mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 27g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 22g
  • Protein: 4g

Smart W-W Points:

  • Green Plan: 7 SP
  • Blue Plan: 7 SP
  • Purple Plan: 7 SP

In-depth Exploration:

Our 5-Minute Cake isn’t just a recipe; it’s a culinary journey that combines simplicity with indulgence. Each ingredient serves a purpose, contributing to the overall texture and flavor of the cake. The eggs provide structure and richness, while the sugar adds sweetness and helps to create a tender crumb. Vegetable oil ensures moisture, while plain yogurt adds a subtle tanginess and extra moisture to the cake.

But let’s delve deeper into the significance of each ingredient and how it impacts the Weight War’s (W-W) Smart Points. The eggs, despite being a source of protein and essential nutrients, also contain fat and cholesterol, which contribute to the Smart Points value. Similarly, sugar adds to the Smart Points due to its calorie content. However, by using vegetable oil and plain yogurt in moderation, we can control the Smart Points while still achieving a deliciously moist cake.

This recipe caters to different dietary preferences and needs, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals. Whether you’re following the W-W program or simply looking for a quick and easy dessert option, this 5-Minute Cake has you covered. Plus, with its minimal preparation time, it’s perfect for busy weekdays or spontaneous cravings.

In conclusion, our 5-Minute Cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a testament to the joys of baking and the satisfaction of indulging in homemade treats. So why not treat yourself to a slice today and experience the magic of this effortless yet delectable recipe?

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